Q: When can I get someone out for a  measure & quote?
A: Free measure & quotes on shower screens, splashbacks, mirrors and balustrade usually takes from one to two working days.

Q: How long does it take for my shower screen or splashback to be installed?
A: Due to the various processing procedures of the glass to ensure the highest quality of design and safety, it takes between seven to ten working days from time of order to install your shower screen.

Q: How long does it physically take to install a shower screen or splashback
A: It takes between one and three hours to install a shower screen or splashback depending on the complexity.

Q: How long before I can use my shower after the install?
A: To allow for the silicon to fully set it is recommended to leave the screen for at least 36 hours.

Q: What needs to be ready before East Coast Frameless Glass can measure?
A: All tiles need to be in place before we can measure up for a shower screen. In the case of kitchen splashbacks, the bench-top and range-hood both need to be installed.

Q: What colours do splash-backs come in?
A: Splashbacks can be ordered in any Dulux colour. For an exact colour match we recommend low iron glass which gives the truest reproduction of any colour. Customer provided samples are a great way to ensure a correct colour match.

Q: What is Starphire Glass? (Low Iron)
A: The green tinge that pervades most glass is caused by the iron content. Taking the iron out sees a much clearer glass thus making it perfect for giving true colour reproduction in splashbacks.